Beecheys Service Centre has the largest and most comprehensive range of exchange power and manual steering units in Tasmania… and have been supplying them for the last 15 years..

Does your car’s steering shudder? Feel heavy? Leak? Knock when turning? Or just not feel safe?
Call the experts for a free assessment!

We service all makes and models (locally produced or imported), and of course if you are one of the rare ones… we have a professional supportive network that will have us find and match your power steering unit for your make and model.

All power steering units can be fitted in house and come with 12month 20,000km warranty!

Has your power steering ever been serviced of late?

At Beecheys we offer a power steering service, which includes:

  • flush and change the power steering fluid
  • add our power steering additive to the system to help dislodge varnish deposit build up
  • and clean inside the hydrolytic pumping system

Once the service is completed, we then add another of our additives which helps protect the system from noise, leaks and general wear and tear.

At only $79.00 per service, it is great insurance!